Sunday Duvet Reading Series #2

I’m back! It’s been a while I know, but sometimes life just gets in a way, making it all together impossible to balance everything that’s going on. Looking back at my posts, my last Sunday Duvet Reading series was back in July (two ENTIRE months ago- how did this even happen?). Even though I am in complete denial that it is now October, I am hugely excited to crack the heating back on, snuggle up under a pile of blankets with a cup of tea, preferably English Breakfast, and get utterly lost in a good old book.

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Top Instagram spots in Edinburgh

Last month, I went to my first ever insta-meet, organised by the lovely itsalexhamilton (check out his Instagram account, which features gorgeous street photography). After meeting outside one of the cities dreamiest coffee shop, The Milkman, we headed around the Old Town to take some snaps of the city.

Edinburgh really is a very picturesque city and there are so many lovely places to get some gorgeous photos from. Whilst I definitely don’t think you should visit somewhere just to get that perfect Instagram picture, there are some particularly great spots around Edinburgh that are nice to capture – whether that’s for Instagram, a photo-album or just for yourself.

Here are my top eight Edinburgh picks.

1. Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens are beautifully maintained and sit right in the heart of the New Town. There are some brilliant views of the castle from here as well as the Scott Monument. Be sure to check out the newly restored (and absolutely stunning) Ross Fountain. It’s a great place to unwind after a shopping trip on Princes Street or stop for a picnic. You can also walk through the Gardens to reach the historic Old Town.


2. Calton Hill

Situated in the New Town area, Calton Hill is another gem in central Edinburgh. Not only does it boast gorgeous views of the city but it is also the location for several iconic buildings, including the National Monument, the Nelson Monument and the City Observatory. It’s a great place for capturing an Edinburgh sunset or sunrise.


3. Arthur’s Seat

I’m listing this with caution, as on a foggy day you can’t really see past the end of your nose! On a clear day however, it makes for a great climb and you can see across the whole of Edinburgh and beyond. It’s a great place to capture shots from the top as well as from afar and as you ascend.


4. Edinburgh Old Town Closes

Edinburgh closes in the Old Town are some of my favourite places to explore – especially those towards the top of the Royal Mile (near the castle). Some closes that I would particularly recommend would be Semple’s Close off Castlehill, Fisher’s Close off Lawnmarket, Brothwick’s Close and Advocate’s Close. Lady Stair’s Close is also a favourite, it looks through to the Writers Museum (completely free (although donations welcome) and a must-visit if you are a literature fan).

5. Circus Lane, Stockbridge

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning one of the most instagrammed lanes in the entirety of Edinburgh! Circus Lane is tucked away in beautiful Stockbridge. This little lane of dreams is wonderfully well-kept with gorgeous front-gardens, benches and old cobbles.

6. The Vennel

This is another famous and popular Instagram spot in Edinburgh. You can take a wonderful shot of Edinburgh Castle from here. It’s also very near Mary’s Milk Bar which do some of the best ice-creams in Edinburgh.


7. Dean Village

This gorgeous village is frequently featured on postcards of Edinburgh and Visit Scotland. Small and quaint, you can get a great shot of the village from the two bridges.


8. Victoria Street

This street is always beautiful with its brightly coloured shops but this is particularly the case at Christmas where it feels truly magical. You can definitely see where J K Rowling got her inspiration for Diagon Alley. If you’re in the area, have a peek into The Elephant Cafe where JK wrote parts of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. (Apparently the toilets are the best feature of the cafe with Harry Potter appreciation graffiti all over the walls/doors).

Have you visited Edinburgh? Where are your favourite spots?

If you’re looking for more Edinburgh photo content, check out my Instagram here, which features snaps from around the city (and beyond).

A Day Out at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

As a nineties child, I grew up with Harry Potter. I vividly remember my mum sitting on my bed, reading me the first chapter of the first book and being hooked immediately. As I got older, I would count down the days until the next book was released and then hide myself away in my room until I’d finished it. You can imagine my delight then when Warner Bros. Studio Tour London opened.

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Top 6 things to do on the Isle of Arran

The Isle of Arran in Scotland, is the largest island in the Firth of Clyde and is often referred to as ‘Scotland in miniature’. From rock-scattered beaches, scenic coastal roads, picturesque woodland paths and gorgeous rural landscapes, this Isle is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Exploring the Isle of Iona, Scotland

Iona is a small island off the southwest coast of Mull, Scotland. It’s home to around 120 permanent residents and is perhaps best known for its Abbey. The white sands, well-kept beaches and natural beauty, makes Iona a popular spot for visitors from around Scotland and beyond.

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What to see at the Edinburgh Fringe

If you don’t mind crowds of people, getting bashed by the odd selfie stick and moving at a speed of an elderly tortoise (in the Old Town at least) then it’s definitely worth battling the Royal Mile to get a taste of what’s on this Festival season. It is virtually impossible to walk down the Royal Mile without being handed a flyer for the best comedy, performance or show – it’s actually a great way of discovering a show you might not have been aware was on. The Edinburgh Fringe has a great website but with so much on it can be a little overwhelming to navigate. Even the app returns hundreds of results!

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Exploring the Isle of Staffa, Scotland

Staffa, which comes from the Old Norse for stave or pillar island, is an island in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland. It’s a small, uninhabited island, home to a colony of puffins and famous for its unique basalt columns and Fingals Cave. It can sometimes be quite difficult to land on the island due to the swell but luckily we picked a great day for an exploration to this gorgeous island!

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