24 hours in Bath, England

Bath is such a beautiful city to get lost in. It’s quaint streets, sophisticated boutiques and market places are not to be missed. It is a place I could return to again and again, making my way through one coffee shop at a time.

Located in the south west of England, it’s easily accessible by car, train or bus and is just a short distance from Bristol. Whether you are staying for a long weekend or just going for a day trip, Bath has plenty to offer and there are lots of different things to do and see depending on your interests.

Tucked away just in front of Bath Abbey is Jacobs coffee house, which is possibly one of my all time favourite cafes. It offers a warm, home-ly retreat from the hustle and bustle of the streets, an absolute must-visit in the wet winter months. Their specialty coffees and variety of bakery treats (many of them gluten free) is something I just can’t resist. It is the perfect place to lose yourself in a book, write that next page of your journal or simply take in the historic surroundings over a steamy pot of tea.

Just around the corner from here is Bath Cathedral, as mentioned above, as well as the Roman Baths which are incredibly interesting and quite reasonably priced. Tasting some of the Roman Bath water at the end is a particular experience not to be missed!

Some of my favourite sites in Bath are actually the ones that happen to be free. The Royal Crescent, The Circle and Pulteney Bridge are breathtaking pieces of architecture. There is something about old buildings that I just adore; it is although they tell a story of their own, they are full of both history and character- telling us about a time before our own.

hopiee and jo's bath adventureee 001

A shout out has to go to Bath Fudge Kitchen Shop– worth popping in to see them making fudge in action and also for the free samples. Soft, fresh and delicious- pop in for a sweet pick-me-up.

Bath is also somewhere that heavily influenced and was home to Jane Austen- you can actually do a walking tour of the city and hear about where Jane lived and the sort of things that shaped her writing. A must if you are a fellow English Literature student!

There is so much to do and see in Bath, making it a wonderful day trip, week’s stay or permanent home. Have a look, its well worth the adventure.

hopiee and jo's bath adventureee 062.JPG

2 thoughts on “24 hours in Bath, England

    1. It’s really lovely in there! Right in the center too, so it’s a great place to take a breather after exploring this gorgeous city.


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