24 hours in Exeter, England

When it comes to campus universities, Exeter is possibly one of my favourites to visit. There is something very home-ly about the city, I could definitely see myself living in this kind of place when I’m a little older. It is bustling but at the same time rather tranquil, with both built-up areas and beautiful countryside. It also has an absolutely stunning cathedral, definitely worth popping in!

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48 hours in Leicester, England

Recently, I spent a weekend in Leicester visiting one of my oldest school friends who goes to uni there. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have particularly high hopes of Leicester as a city. In my mind I’d pictured it as quite an industrial, slightly run down concrete city. Yet I was pleasantly surprised. Among the blocks of grey, there were attractive marketplaces, dainty cafes and historic monuments that I would never have expected.

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