24 hours in Exeter, England

When it comes to campus universities, Exeter is possibly one of my favourites to visit. There is something very homely about the city, I could definitely see myself living in this kind of place when I’m a little older. It is bustling but at the same time rather tranquil, with both built-up areas and beautiful countryside. It also has an absolutely stunning cathedral, definitely worth popping in!


The city itself has excellent shopping facilities, practically every shop you could possibly wish for. My friend and I couldn’t resist wondering around and rummaging through all the spring-summer sale sections. Urban outfitters, a particular favourite of ours, has so many amazing deals at the moment and their new collection for spring/summer is just gorgeous. We went in with the intention of just having a look, and both came out with bags of stuff- clearly bad influences on one and other!


After a somewhat exhausting shopping trip, we went into a quirky and very colourful coffee shop, The Glorious Art House. What a find. Like the outside, the inside did not disappoint, the decor was bright yet there was a light and airy feel to the cafe with such lovely and welcoming staff. The selection of drinks was varied and they had so many delicious things on offer. The cakes equally were gorgeous, I settled for a flapjack with a caramel topping accompanied by an elderflower drink which came with the prettiest- gaudi-inspired straw. The felt artwork that featured heavily in each room was a real treat to the eye- there was an actual grandfather felt clock in the room we had our drinks in- a little weird but definitely wonderful.

Due to a whistle-stop tour in Exeter, I didn’t quite manage to fit in some walks but I’ve heard there are some really lovely ones, which I’ll definitely have to do when I next visit. What are your favourite places in Exeter? Any places you’d recommend, let me know in the comments below!


September 7, 2016