London to Scotland Road Trip

Roadtripping is one of my all time favourite things to do. There is something so satisfying about packing up the car and having the freedom to go anywhere, with little time restraints or public transport worry. Even with the inevitable rainy English weather, it takes a lot to beat a summer roadtrip, especially when it’s with somebody you love.

Last summer, I went on a roadtrip from London all the way up to Scotland. Our first stop was the beautiful city of Cambridge, a bustling yet quaint city with little side streets, old churches and packed with historical buildings and architecture. Lets not forget the river that runs through Cambridge either- with colleges placed at either side and ancient bridges connecting one side of the bank to the other. We had great fun stumbling across hidden bookshops, getting a cheeky M & S lunch and wondering around the cobbled streets of this old city. Going punting on the river was definitely a highlight- we could not have picked a better day- the sun was shining and we cruised along the river with the help of our punter who navigated skillfully around the other experienced-and-not-so-experienced punters.


Next on our list was the gorgeous Northumberland; we visited some wonderful beaches, castles and National Parks. We also went on countless walks, which I absolutely loved. There are simply too many places to mention here but my top three would have to be Cragside, Alnwick Gardens and Bamburgh beach. I also cannot fail to mention Howick House for a classic English cup of tea and piece of cake.



We then went onto Arran, a little island off Scotland in Fliss the sturdy and very loved Ford. Seeing Arran appear through the fog was absolutely breathtaking and even in the rain you couldn’t fail to see the beauty of this tiny island. We did quite a few treks- which were stunning and saw some animals that you would simply not see in the wild back home. We went horse-back riding, explored the quaint villages dotted around Arran, stumbled across some real natural beauties of the landscape, including waterfalls, caves and gorgeous viewpoints.

Another highlight was going across to Holy Island in the pouring rain and eating our lunch in St. Molaise’s cave, before having our path blocked by wild ponies. For some this would have been an absolute disaster of a day trip, but I absolutely loved it- despite the journey across in the world’s smallest ‘ferry’ (I think a dingy would be a more accurate description- which is absolutely fine unless you’re someone like me who suffers with sea sickness!)

Whilst all the sight seeing was amazing and so interesting, some of the best moments were spend with my boyfriend in our little rented cottage, cooking the dinner together, giggling over First Dates and enjoying each others company.

I would absolutely recommend Arran and the beautiful cottage we stayed in (The Crags- owned by the lovely Jean and Dave) but also roadtrips in general- they are well worth the trip and the memories you take away with you which last a life-time.



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