Let’s talk about fashion

There is something really rather wonderful about fashion. I love the way it constantly evolves and how it allows an individual to express themselves. Over the last couple of years, my personal style has changed dramatically and continues to change as I draw inspiration from various bloggers, brands and style icons.

In the last year particularly, I feel like I have found my groove with fashion, I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I’m getting closer to knowing what suits my body type best and what I feel most comfortable in. This is partly down to me trying to make better decisions and trying to stop bad purchasing habits (a long time in the making) but it’s also down to finding a wealth of inspiration from various different places…


Lazy Oaf

Where do I start with this brand? In many ways this is completely out of my comfort zone but I love the playfulness and silliness of this brand. Occasionally I come across some real gems- past favourites have included their smiley-face blue pinafore and cloud puffer jacket. Definitely not an office-wear kind of brand but their quirkiness puts it up there with my top ten favourite brands. Arden-Rose, blogger/vlogger, often styles Lazy Oaf pieces over on her insta- worth a look if you’re into all things unconventional.



Another somewhat quirky brand with some really unique fashion pieces. This brand is all about colour and logos- two things that I’m generally not huge advocate of. It’s such a bold, bright and fun brand though that I can’t help but draw inspiration from it.




I love the 90’s, retro fashion vibe and no-one pulls this off in quite the same way as Jess, from Sunbeamsjess. She is the definition of ‘cool’, putting together combinations of clothing that I would never think to consider and looking effortlessly stylish in doing so. Her YouTube channel is full of style videos, travel vlogs and books, and I often turn to her insta when I want to change up my wardrobe or simply want a good book recommendation.

What Olivia Did

Liv from What Olivia Did, is one of my favourite bloggers, her fashion is often quite simple but she really elevates pieces with a striking bag or cracking pair of shoes. A fellow and-other-stories/topshop shopper, Liv’s style is not all that dissimilar to my own and I find myself scrolling through her insta when I want to style pieces that I currently own in new ways.

Alice Catherine

Parisian-chic with a love for all things fashion and vintage, this Manchurian fashion blogger has the wardrobe of dreams. Stripes galore, she doesn’t shy away from the latest trends but incorporates them effortlessly into her wardrobe. Again, quite simplistic in her style- making her one of my favourite bloggers to follow.

There are so many more bloggers that I draw inspiration from, including Megan Ellaby, Lizzie Hadfield, Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit and Sophia Rosemary. I find there’s nothing better than scrolling through their blogs in bed on a Sunday morning with a good cup of tea.


I love a good book, really I do. When I’m looking for style inspiration I turn repeatedly to ‘Women of this town’, ‘Brooklyn Street Style’, and Alexa Chung’s ‘It’. In my collection, I also have a whole load of fashion centered magazines- including Kinfolk, Suitcase and Oh Comely. Admittedly these magazines are a bit more of an investment, however they not only make wonderful coffee table books but also serve me time and time again with fashion inspiration.





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