Let’s talk about fashion icons from the movies

Style inspiration for me comes from so many different outlets- there’s nothing that I enjoy more than reading lifestyle magazines cover-to-cover or wondering down streets filled with independent and boutique shops, with the most incredible window displays. I also love a fashion vlog- partly because I love a good nose into somebody else’s wardrobe but also because I think they are so interesting to see how people style items and what influences them.

So whilst YouTube, magazines, blogs and the high street possibly influence me the most, I do love drawing inspiration from the costume design in movies/series.

Rachel Green

Admittedly, I am a huge Rachel Green (and Friends) fan. However, her fashion is absolutely incredible. Whether it’s the 90’s child in me or the fact that this style is very much in at the moment- her outfits have me swooning at the television set over and over again.

From the sheer top under the slip dress, to that dungaree and blazer look, her style is everything, and is making me want to pack a bag and head straight back to the 90’s.

Elizabeth James from the Parent Trap

Lizzie has me swooning over her fashion staples but in an entirely different way to Rachel Green. Elegant, sophisticated and ever glamorous, her wardrobe oozes style. Those silk dresses in particular catch my eye every time this film pops up on T.V.

That crisp blue shirt and long lined white coat just look so effortlessly stylish, definitely something that I’d like to incorporate more into my every day wardrobe.

Mia from Uncle Buck

Again, I think it’s something about 80’s/90’s fashion that makes me love Mia’s fashion in the 1989 film, Uncle Buck. Her circular sunglasses, the leather jacket and oversized coats are things that also feature in my own wardrobe. Mia also has the hair of dreams, perfect curls and no bad hair days in sight- something I can only dream of!


What are your fashion icons from the movies? I’d love to hear your favourites!

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