The Big Move

After 23 years of living in gorgeous, leafy Surrey, I am taking a giant, somewhat terrifying, leap into the unknown and moving up to Scotland. Exciting? Yes. Nerve-wrecking? You bet. I’ve left home once before for uni, but this time it feels completely different. For one, I’m not a complete emotional wreck (although I have definitely shed one or two tears on the train up North already and we are not even pass York yet) and two, I have at least some idea of what I’d like to do with my life and a better sense of who I am as a person.

I am also fully expecting the first couple of weeks to be an absolute roller coaster of emotions, something I was not at all prepared for at the beginning of uni.

Not liking to do things by halves, I’m not only moving out but I’m also moving cities and moving jobs. As I mentioned before, this is somewhat scary, especially being somebody who is not all together brilliant with change, I’m feeling rather like Bilbo Baggins. crying ‘I’m off on an adventure’ and flinging myself into the complete unknown and out of my comfort zone (something I am always hesitant to do!)

Here’s what I am going to try and keep telling myself until I fully settle in and start properly adulting (or at least trying to adult):

1.Life is a journey

This is such a cliche but also so true in many ways. There are so many obstacles throughout life and things that happen which are completely out of your control. I am a terrible culprit of playing the ‘what if’ game. What if this happens, or what if it doesn’t work out. Sometimes the things that scare you the most, actually turn out to be the best things in life, so I’m trying hard to remember this as the train continues North and I get closer to my new home.

2. Be kind to yourself

I am not going to be able to remove spiders from the bath straight away, if at all, or if ever. I’m probably never going to be the world’s best cook or confidently be able to work out boiler systems (why do they make these things so complicated?!) I’m also always going to be a little scared of the dark and that’s completely fine. I’m just going to try and take time out for me and do the best I can do and the rest will hopefully sort itself out.  (Alternatively, it will be a complete catastrophic disaster- fingers crossed for the first option here).

Moving is a big thing, especially when it involves making such big life decisions. At the end of the day, life is really one big adventure and if you don’t try these things then how will you ever know if you can do it?



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