Let’s talk about loneliness

Moving to Edinburgh has been one of the scariest, most exciting and most terrifying things I’ve ever done in my life. Not only have I uprooted myself from my lovely family in Surrey but I’ve also left behind a really big support network of friends and colleagues. More than that, I’ve left behind the familiarity of places- the places I feel safe, secure and loved. I’ve lived in Surrey for my entire life, I learned how to ride my bike there, had my first kiss there and grew from a toddler to a teenager to an adult there. Surrey has been my home since as long as I remember so moving not only counties, but actual countries has been a massive move for me.

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Christmas in Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s been almost a month since I made the big move to Edinburgh, can you believe it eh? We are now in December (not sure what is more shocking at this point, 2017 where have you gone?) and I’m currently counting down the days until I’m back home in leafy Surrey. This week just passed however, I got a mini taste of home when a close friend came to visit me in Edinburgh. It’s far to say we packed the weekend full of Christmas activities and sight seeing and had great fun exchanging stories and catching up.

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