January 21, 2018

24 hours in Peebles

Since moving to Scotland last November, I’ve been trying to explore as much as as possible over the weekends. Yesterday, we took a trip in Fliss the Ford to the gorgeous little town of Peebles, situated in the borders of Scotland and around half an hour from Edinburgh.

Heavy snowfall this week meant Peebles and it’s surrounding area was covered in a blanket of snow. Settling on rooftops, pavements and trees, Peebles looked like a winter wonderland, with children sleighing down snowy banks, dogs jumping around and everyone layered up with hats, teddy-bear coats, scarves and mittens.

Parking was easy, free and plentiful (unlike central Edinburgh!) and it was easy to explore without getting lost. The area by the river was especially beautiful- with the sun shining across the snowy ground.

We wondered into the town, walking up the cobbled streets and stopping to look through steamy windows into coffee shops, boutiques and independents. After some deliberation we stopped for lunch at Coltman’s Kitchen and enjoyed soup of the day with a butternut squash, spinach and vegetable sausage roll. With our tummies full, we walked along to the Old Town and had great fun throwing snowballs and taking pictures in the snow! We stumbled across Cross Kirk which is an old ruin and looked so majestic with the snow covering what’s left of the roof and windows.

After a walk alongside the river, we made our way to Cocoa Black cafe and had the most indulgent afternoon treat! Caramel hot chocolates and the lightest caramel mouse slice and raspberry, chocolate slice (shared between two). The perfect way to warm up, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees. There’s actually a cookery school attached to the cafe which do amazing chocolate courses- ranging in price and content. Definitely something to add to the wish list!

Before we left we also went to the Breeze Art Gallery and fell in love with a number of gorgeous paintings, all out of our price range! So that’s another thing to add to the wish list for the future and save up for.

We just visited Peebles for the day, but there are lots of lovely looking places to stay overnight so it’s well worth a look. All in all, I would definitely recommend this quaint little town- a hidden gem that’s just a stone’s throw away from Edinburgh.

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