Let’s talk about love

After writing a post on friendship last week, the next topic I wanted to talk about is love. It’s actually Valentine’s Day today, which I have incredibly mixed emotions about. I remember being single on Valentine’s Day, before Galentine’s Day became a thing in my life, and feeling very much alone. There’s so much marketing around Valentine’s Day that it can make you feel isolated and lonely if there’s not someone special in your life to share it with.

Whilst at uni however, I had some incredible Galentine’s Days with my uni friends, which made me realize that love comes in so many different forms, that even if you’re not in love with someone, it doesn’t mean that you are not loved. The love of friends and family can be just as powerful and strong as the love of a partner- although those kinds of love are of course quite different.

The commercial element of Valentine’s Day does bother me somewhat, I think it’s a lovely idea to express your love for someone but really this shouldn’t just be on one day of the year. For me, an anniversary, the first time I met someone or when a friendship was first established has much more meaning than Valentine’s Day has. That being said, a Valentine’s Day card or small token is always nice to receive.

Putting Valentine’s Day aside, love as a concept is both complex, thrilling and also somewhat terrifying. In the romantic sense, love is giving a piece of yourself, something that no one else really sees, to somebody else and trusting that they won’t hurt you. You know so much about the other person that in a way, you have a power to make another person upset in an argument or disagreement. Your happiness has a direct impact on the other person’s happiness and vice versa. A part of you becomes a part of them, and they in turn become a part of you. Love also has the ability to bring out the best in each other, to lift each other up in the low moments and cherish the highs together. You have the ability to read another person- to know exactly what they are thinking from their expressions and body language, which you can’t necessarily do with friendship. It’s letting someone see you as a person, letting your guard come down and letting them into your life.

As well as romantic love, there is something really special about the love between friends and family. Friendships, especially girl friendships, are so important. True friends can inspire each other, be there for the breakups as well as the giggles and always have each others backs.

It can be hard to let people in sometimes and can be a massive risk, but it’s friendships and relationships that makes life what it is.


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