Snapshots from February

A slightly different format to my usual posts but have been playing with the idea of using photos as the center of a blog piece for a while. I turned the grand old age of twenty-four this week and was spoilt with so many lovely cards, messages and gifts. Here’s a snippet of the mantelpiece, hosting some new prints from the gorgeous Red Door Gallery and a collection of books that are all on my current to-read wish list.


Snow was of course a major part of this week and features in almost all of my pictures below. It’s turned Edinburgh into a magical Narnia-like world and I’m actually loving it, despite the bitterly cold winds and lack of vegetables in the local supermarkets. It really is beautiful and I love the way it looks illuminated under street lights and covering everything in sight.

Snowy rooftops particularly are just stunning, couldn’t resist this skylight shot after a particularly heavy snow flurry.


How can I fail to mention Edinburgh Old Town, it looks even more majestic under a blanket of snow. The closes’ especially are just breathtakingly beautiful in a very simple and understated way.

I will admit that Calton Hill does look somewhat bleak here, but I do find it incredible how snow can completely transform a landscape. It’s amazing how different this looked a week ago and how much this will change again in the next week.


I was going to omit these final few pictures but have thrown them in because they capture the cold and the reality of walks in the snow. Red noses, steamy glasses and mascara-run faces (on my part at least), Scottish weather at its finest.


February 1, 2018