March 24, 2018

Slow Travel: Edinburgh to Glencoe

Whilst travelling to New Zealand, South Africa and Asia are high on my travel wish list, there is something lovely about taking a short trip somewhere nearer to home. This week, we went on a mini road trip up to Glencoe in Fliss, the sturdy but not hugely reliable Ford. Miraculously, she survived the trip on some fairly bumpy and uneven roads and really was essential to our road-trip.

Scotland is very well connected- there are regular buses, coaches, trams and trains but for some of the more remote places we visited, it was hugely convenient to have a car- it is definitely worth bearing this in mind if you are thinking of taking a trip around Scotland.


On our first day, we traveled up to the very quaint Aberfeldy. It is situated on the River Tay and is a small market town, located in Highland Perthshire. It is also home to a gorgeous bookshop, cafe and art gallery called The Watermill. If you’re in the area then this is definitely worth a visit. The coffee is plentiful and tasty, they have an attractive array of cakes on offer and the bookshop was full of interesting reads, bestsellers and featured many Scottish authors.


From Aberfeldy, we traveled up to Kenmore and couldn’t resist stopping to take some photos of the stunning views. There were picnic benches dotted around this loch and some really lovely lunch spots but it was just a tad too cold to eat outside for lunch on this occasion. I’ve definitely bookmarked this as a place to revisit in the warmer summer months however.


Around half an hour into our journey from Kenmore, we hit roadworks and had to phone the council as there was no diversion signposted. In the end, we waited for the road to reopen as it would have been double the length of time to take an alternative route around the loch! We stopped just outside a farm and watched the farm activities and admired the beautiful views until the road re-opened.



We then made the final leg of the journey to Glencoe- the drive was truly stunning. The tops of the mountains were covered in snow but the sun was shining, making the lochs look incredibly inviting and the light looked beautiful shimmering on the water. We drove along the same roads that were filmed in Skyfall and admired the scenery and also the wildlife. I saw my first ever highland cow, which was very exciting, along with stags, does and an array of birds.

We chose to stay in a cottage that we found on AirBnB in Kinlochleven, a village located in Lochaber, in the Scottish Highlands and lies at the eastern end of Loch Leven. I’ve used AirBnB on three different occasions now and each time I’ve been so impressed with the places we’ve stayed. You do have to be a little careful about where you choose to stay but the reviews are so helpful when deciding and our hosts have always been hugely helpful and welcoming. We really enjoy having the freedom to cook in or eat out and to have our own private space so AirBnB works really well for us.

If you are thinking of visiting Kinlochleven or nearby villages, it’s worth noting that these are very small places, which don’t have a lot of shops for amenities. We had to go along to the next village of Ballachulish in order to do a food shop, which was by no means disastrous but had we arrived any later it would have closed before we got any provisions for the evening. We spent our first night in the cottage, watching the sunset and relaxing with a glass of wine with some salted caramel truffles, the perfect start to our holiday!


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