Snapshots of Edinburgh

Since moving up north in November, I’ve rekindled my love for a number of creative outlets, including film photography. I really love everything about working with film- the unpredictability, the vintage-faded look, the excitement of picking up your photographs from your local print shop. I’m currently on the hunt for a film lens, so the photographs below have been taken on a disposable camera.

(This in itself is hugely nostalgic as my mum used to fill my Christmas stocking up with these when I was a young child). They definitely aren’t perfect but I think this sometimes adds to the charm of film photographs.


Edinburgh castle looking particularly majestic in the snow

Although snow can be hugely inconvenient, there is really something quite magical about how it looks and how it can completely transform landmarks and landscapes. There is also something about snow that brings the community together- people stop and smile at each other in the street, look out for one and other, and there’s a real sense of team spirit when trying to clear a road of snow or giving a car a push that has got stuck. I wish I could have caught this spirit on film but I haven’t quite mustered up the courage to ask for people’s pictures as yet!

On this note though, I think there is something so beautiful about how a photo can perfectly capture a moment and conjure a particular memory. I distinctly remember taking these final pictures, as my hands were numb with the cold and it followed a lovely catch up with a close friend. To anyone else, this would just look like a snowy street but to me it’s a fond reminder of a walk through Stockbridge with a salted caramel hot chocolate in hand (a firm favourite of mine) trying very hard not to fall over in the ice and snow that blanketed everything in sight.


Gentleman clearing the snow in the distance