A month on 35mm #3

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite posts to write on Edits of Jo. I will never get over the excitement of getting film developed and seeing how my shots have turned out and that beautiful vintage, faded look to the photographs that is so reminiscent of my childhood. This post is actually a combination of both film and digital photos.

(The place where I usually get my film developed had an issue with their machine and sadly half of my footage got damaged in the developing process! These things happen though, so have supplemented this post with some digital photos too, which are mostly taken around the lovely town of Stockbridge, Edinburgh).

With the evenings being so much lighter, it’s lovely to take a wander around Edinburgh on the way home from work. I particularly love exploring the Old Town, which has some beautiful closes and cobbled streets, and of course is near to Arthur’s Seat which boasts some of the best views in Edinburgh.

Climbing Arthur’s Seat on a beautifully clear morning
Walking around Arthur’s Seat before heading to the top

At the weekends, Stockbridge and Dean Village are places I love to explore when I can. The water of Leith is a lovely walk to do and it is not all that far from Edinburgh Botanical Garden, which is completely free and are just a gorgeous place to visit!

A street of absolute dreams, located in Stockbridge



Dean Village looking beautiful as always

What’s wonderful about Edinburgh, as with most places, is how much of a difference light (and the weather) can make to a shot. Some of my favourite shots are the ones taken at sunrise- but I also really like the city at sunset and at nightfall. This is definitely something I am going to try and capture in the upcoming months as I experiment more with both film and digital photography.

Sunset over Edinburgh near Waverley Station, Edinburgh

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