Where to eat in Northumberland

Just south of the Scottish border is the very beautiful county of Northumberland. It is the northernmost part of England and is home to the quaint town of Alnwick. For a fairly small town there are so many lovely things to do and see here, especially in the summer months.


There is a surprisingly large selection of coffee and tea shops to choose from in Alnwick and its surrounding areas. Bari Tea Brewery however, has to be one of my favourite places to go for a good cuppa tea. Bari [baa-ree] is Northumbrian for lovely and that is exactly what this homely little tea-shop is. They have an extensive choice of tea and sell some very tasty cakes too. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the prices are very affordable- a good stop off after visiting a market or going for a morning stroll!


Into your hot chocolates? Try The Chocolate Spa, which is just off Alnwick market place. As the name suggests they specialise in delicious chocolates but also do very good coffee. I can highly recommend the salted caramel truffles and also their hot chocolates which are rich, creamy and full of flavour.

The Olive Branch Cafe is also a good pick- particularly for lunch or cake. It’s very popular with the locals and can be quite difficult to get a table at peak times. If you’re after something a little more substantial food wise- this is definitely worth giving a try!

The Cookie Jar also deserves a mention here. When I went there last, they had a large party of people staying and so we didn’t manage to get a table. So whilst I haven’t tried the food there, I can vouch for the beauty of this converted Convent. The interior has been masterfully curated and there is a real homely feel about the place.

Just outside Alnwick in Warkworth, is Bertrams– they do the best cakes here and also very good lunches. They are also dog friendly and a stone’s throw away from a lovely little river walk.

The Earl Grey Tea House in Howick Hall is also worth a visit. It is the home of Earl Grey Tea where it was blended by a Chinese mandarin for Charles, 2nd Earl Grey,  to suit the water from the Howick spring. The tea room is architecturally stunning, as are the surrounding gardens and arboretum. A great place to visit, particularly on a summers day!



There are a couple of really nice places in the town of Alnwick itself, including Thai Vibe, Cafe Tirreno and The Treehouse -all offering very different menus at varying price points but all very good food. If you have a car, it’s worth going slightly further afield- The Ship Inn is a really nice, cosy pub that often plays live music and The Potted Lobster in Bamburgh is also meant to be very good.

Have you been to Northumberland? Let me know what your top food-y picks are!