The Big Move – Six months on

Six months ago today I made both an exciting and somewhat terrifying move from a sleepy little village in Surrey to the bustling city of Edinburgh. It was such an enormous change, moving out of my family home, moving to a different country and starting a whole new chapter of my life in a place far removed from where I was used to.

The move happened in the space of a weekend and I started a new job on the Monday – my logic being that if I was busy then I wouldn’t have time to overthink things or get too homesick. To an extent, I think this really helped- immersing yourself into your new life and keeping yourself busy, definitely helped me settle in more quickly. The first weeks were definitely the toughest but weren’t nearly as hard as I was expecting, especially with the support of friends and family both in Surrey and up North as well as lovely work colleagues.

Edinburgh is now feeling more and more like home. I love the feeling when I come into land at Edinburgh airport or pull into Waverley station. There are definitely things I miss about living in Surrey- mostly family, friends and my (beloved family) cat but also odd things like English money (!), the warmer climate (not so odd) and the sense of familiarity- bumping into old school friends and acquaintances which simply does not happen when you live 416.2 miles from where you grew up. There are things I love here though, which I know I would miss if I decided to move back down in the future. The hustle and bustle of city life, the stunning landscape, the art galleries and the Edinburgh accent and Scottish phrases (wee and lassie particularly). I don’t think I’d be too bothered about the lack of haggis or black pudding but potato scones are very good, along with Scottish shortbread (I should take out shares in this with the amount of requests I get for said shortcake from my mum and grandma).

Since moving to Edinburgh, there are definitely things I have found out about myself and hobbies that I’ve rekindled which I was simply unable to do in Surrey with long commutes and not a lot going on in my village. Writing, experimenting with photography and rediscovering my love for drawing and painting have all been made possible since moving here. Edinburgh is such a creative hub and source of inspiration and activity- there’s always so much I want to write about, explore and document and I’m enjoying using different mediums to do this.

Making new friends is something that’s slowly but surely starting to happen but I’m also loving having friends from uni and Surrey/London come to stay. I think it will be interesting to see what the next six months has to bring but there’s so much to look forward to- seeing Edinburgh in the sun for one but also the Edinburgh Fringe and exploring more of the city and Scotland more widely.

If you’ve just moved or are in the process of moving, then my advice would be to bring things with you that remind you of home, keep yourself as busy as possible without tiring yourself out and above all, be kind to yourself. Change is scary but is also really exciting and it takes time to settle and adjust. This is one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made but I also think it’s been one of the best.