Snapshots of 2018 on 35mm

Sharing some of my favourite shots from my film camera today – taken in black and white and in colour, and corresponding with some of my top memories and moments of twenty-eighteen so far.

A Narnia-like Edinburgh

Writing this in the summer sun, it seems hard to believe that just a couple of months ago we were still in the midst of winter with recurrent snow flurries. Despite the absolute chaos that snow seems to cause in the UK, I do love how it completely transforms familiar streets and blankets everything – completely transforming places beyond recognition. These shots were taken around Edinburgh – I love the contrast between the old stone, black railings and the whiteness of the snow. (More photos of Edinburgh in the snow here).

All of the brunches.

I cannot resist a good ol’ brunch. Since moving up to Edinburgh in November, I’ve been ticking off a number of brunch hot-spots around the city but particularly in Stockbridge and Edinburgh Old Town. On a recent trip to London, we discovered this lovely little brunch spot, not too far from Kings Cross Station, called Half-cup. The smoothies were beyond incredible- as was the interior, lightening and windows (see below). If I ever opened a cafe, I imagine it would look something like this! Whilst I love eating out, I’ve also been enjoying having my own kitchen and making brunch for friends and family who come to visit.

Glencoe Mini-break

Whilst this photo is by no means the best shot of the black and white film I had developed, it does conjure some very happy memories for me. On our third day at Glencoe, the heavens opened and it completely tipped it down with rain. This was taken in Fliss, the study but now slightly temperamental Ford, with the rain pounding at the window and after eating our sandwich in the car. We were drenched to the skin but made the most of it, visiting the Glenfinnan Monument and the viaduct and had the best time. (Have a read of our rainy Fort William trip here).


Slightly out of focus but I felt these two photos should make the cut- beautiful scenery in picturesque Glencoe.



Forty-eight hours in London

Some of the best footage I’ve taken on my film camera this year, was from my 48 hour trip to beautiful, bustling London. The shots featured below were taken in the Sky Garden which is so utterly worth a visit- you do need to book in advance but the tickets are free and the views are spectacular. If you’re going for a special occasion, why not treat yourself to dinner and drinks at the top? It is a tad on the pricey side but the views absolutely make up for this and it’s just a fraction of the price of drinks and dinner at the Shard. The lightening is just gorgeous- the windows let light in from every direction and cast beautiful shadows throughout the garden, An absolute hidden treasure among London’s biggest skyscrapers! (You can read the full blog post here).





There are so many more highlights of twenty-eighteen that haven’t been captured on film but have been memorable all the same. I’m so enjoying rekindling my love of film photography and am excited to see how my photos develop throughout the year.

If you’re interested in getting into film photography then check out this post by Lizzy Hadfield (Shot from the Street), which is all about using film. She is also a fashion goddess and offers something very different and unique in both her blog and YouTube channel.