A (chatty) month on 35mm #4

Looking back on past posts, the last Month On Film series I did was back in April. Where has the time gone?! The last few months have passed by in an absolute whirlwind and the summer is already looking like it will be a fairly busy one. There are so many exciting things coming up, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe and a holiday to one of the Scottish isles.

I am so looking forward to posting about all of the above and more this summer! I also now have an Instagram account for EditsOfJo so do have a look if you are into travel pictures around Scotland. Go on, it would make my day!

Sunsets over Edinburgh rooftops

One of my favourite things about the summer months is the lighter evenings, sunnier weather (generally speaking) and watching the sun set from a good viewpoint. Over the last month I’ve managed to capture quite a few sunsets, across Edinburgh rooftops but also from Calton Hill which boasts gorgeous views of the city (definitely worth popping along to if your visiting or local to Edinburgh). I’ve found that patience is so important when taking sunset photographs- I tend to find the lighting gets increasingly more dramatic the longer you wait. Picking a good spot is also really important- something worth forward planning if you’re looking to capture a particular image. Having said this I sometimes find my best snaps are the ones that are most spontaneous!

Evening walks

After being at my desk for most of the day, I love to stretch my legs and to get out and about in the evenings. Walking for me is something I find hugely relaxing, it’s a great way to clear your head and take a break from social media and looking at a screen. There are so many beautiful walks you can do around Edinburgh (have a read of my top picks here) and I’m enjoying discovering more and more as I settle into Edinburgh life.

House plants

Having flowers and plants in the house instantly lifts my mood. New editions to the home this month include Ivan the Ivy and a cactus -I’ve been assured both are very difficult to kill, although Ivan’s wilting leaves is causing me some concern. Nevertheless, plants can really transform a place and I’m hugely enjoying these new editions in the flat.

Family visits

It’s been a month of family visits, which has been simply the best. Exploring new and familiar places with the family and catching up over a steaming cup of coffee is unbeatable. It’s been good to take a little bit of holiday and discover more of what this beautiful city has to offer.



2 thoughts on “A (chatty) month on 35mm #4

    1. Thank you, that’s so kind! I would 100% recommend Edinburgh if you are able to go one day- particularly in the summer. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city!


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