24 hours in Glasgow

Although it’s almost been nine months since the Big Move to Scotland (where that time has gone I just don’t know), I’ve only really properly explored Edinburgh. With the weather being so sunny, I made a trip to Glasgow last weekend to see what this neighbouring city has to offer.

The journey from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street is just 45 minutes on the train or around an hours drive. If you have limited time to explore, then I would definitely recommend sticking around the city centre- there’s plenty to see and do without venturing out too far. You can then come back and explore the West End and South Side of Glasgow when you’re less pressed for time.


Although I am without question an Edinburgh girl at heart I have to admit that the shopping in Glasgow is much better then New Town Edinburgh. They have a huge array of shops from High-end to High-street which are all in walking distance from the city centre. Whilst wondering around the shops, we stumbled across this little Oxfam Bookshop, which had some absolute treasures in it! I’m currently on a book buying ban (my To Be Read pile is out of control) but thought this was a lovely addition to the other highstreet shops.



There are so many art galleries to choose from that you could actually spend an entire day going around each gallery! We chose the Gallery of Modern Art as it is so central and the building itself is stunning. Not to mention it has the statue with the cone on its head in front of it. I love that this has become an iconic statue in Glasgow. It’s of the Duke of Wellington on horseback, with a bright orange cone perched neatly on his head – in actual fact when we visited he had four cones perching somewhat precariously on the top of his head. Despite many attempts by the council to remove the cone, it has remained there for over 30 years and is beloved by many Glaswegians!


The Gallery of Modern Art has some real gems in it – the architecture is absolutely beautiful and they had some wonderful pieces on display. A particular highlight for me was the work of Andy Warhol and the film installations which were definitely thought provoking and do very much challenge the conventional idea of art. I would suggest that this gallery isn’t for everyone, however it is free so you can pop in and out quite easily.




This is a lovely square to have a pit-stop from city explorations in. It is full of history and an integral part of Glasgow – not far from Argyl Street. When we visited there was a live band playing and a real buzz about the place – definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the city centre.



Did you know that Glasgow is the vegan capital of the UK? No? Me neither. We completely stumbled across The Glasvegan whilst searching for some lunch and the name was initially what drew us in (neither of us are vegans). We actually had a delicious lunch there – really tasty, fresh food with all the health benefits. They also have outdoor seating, which is always a game changer in the summer months. Would really recommend and would definitely visit again in the future.


I don’t think we even slightly touched the surface of how much there is to do and see in Glasgow but it was a good taster of what this city has to offer.

On my next visit, the City Centre Muriel Trail is top of my agenda and I would love to try Red Bus Bistro and Tchai-Ovna House of Tea. (Each of these come highly recommended!)

Have you visited Glasgow? Where would be your top recommendations?