Visiting the Isle of Mull

For our summer holiday this year, we ventured to the very beautiful Isle of Mull in Scotland. Mull is one of the largest islands of the Inner Hebrides and is situated off the west coast of Scotland. It’s a complete world away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh, with rolling hills, lochs galore and hundreds of  sheep causing road blocks!



We took Fliss, the faithful but definitely not-so-reliable Ford (we now know most of the Mull garages) on the Cal Mac ferry. The best place to catch a ferry to Mull is probably from Oban (have a little read of my Oban guide here). Be sure to book your ferry tickets in advance if you are planning on travelling during peak tourist season. The easiest way to get around Mull is definitely by car, however they do have fairly good public transport, taxis and there are a number of coach trips available too.



There are plenty of places to stay on Mull, including hostels, hotels, self-catering homes and Airbnb’s. We booked a house in Calgary to stay in on Airbnb, which was in a stunning location and was really a home away from home. Speaking to other holiday dwellers, Tobermory seemed like one of the most popular places to stay. Take a look at Explore Mull and Iona for more advice on where to stay on this picturesque isle.


With any of the Scottish isles, I think it’s best to be prepared for all weather possibilities. We were so lucky with the weather, which was bright, warm and sunny (hard to believe in Scotland I know) all week. I had packed raincoats, think woolly jumpers, thermals and even a hat expecting there to be at least one rainy day. I do think however, it’s best to be prepared – the islands tend to have their own weather system going on and it’s rare to get an entire week of glorious sunshine! Planning a trip there soon? Check out more Ultimate Packing List here.


Avid walker? Wildlife enthusiast? I would highly recommend Mull and Iona 40 Favourite Walks by Paul and Helen Webster. Not only does it outline all the villages in Mull and of course the best walks to do but it also gives some background information about the isle. Compact and useful, this was an essential travel companion for us!



I am so excited to be doing an entire series on this! Stay tuned for blog posts on the top places to explore on and around the gorgeous Isle of Mull.

Have you been to Mull? Where were your favourite places to explore?

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