Let’s talk about standing up

Writing, particularly travel writing, is something I love to do. I love sharing my experiences with others and showcasing what Scotland (and beyond) has to offer. As a result, the content on my blog is largely travel-focused – it’s the sort of content I love to read myself on other sites and is the direction I see Edits Of Jo heading in. Second to this however, is my Let’s talk about series which has been a little quiet of late (have a read here of my let’s talk about homelessness, loneliness and friendship posts here).

One area that I wanted to explore in this series, is standing up for what you believe is right. A little more controversial then my normal topics, as everyone has such different beliefs and opinions, but something I do feel is incredibly important and something I felt compelled to share after attending the Trump Protest in Edinburgh.


Having lived just outside London and now in Edinburgh, protests are something I see on a fairly regular basis. The Trump Protest (in Edinburgh) however, is the first one I have actively taken part in. It is also the biggest protest I have ever seen. Thousands of people turned up not only to march but to gather in The Meadows afterwards in solidarity with the American people. America is a beautiful country with a rich and diverse culture and wonderful people. The marches, that have taken place across Britain, are a way of saying that we, the UK, stand by American people but can not stand for the policies the current USA president, Donald Trump, is both making and proposing. More than this is the poor example he is setting for young people across the world. If you are lucky enough to be in a position of power where you have democratically been voted in, then you have a responsibility to lead by example and in a way that is kind, with the people’s best interests at heart and where you treat others with moral decency and respect.

Trump’s complete disrespect for women, his militaristic attitude and placing profit before people is something I can not stand by and accept. Furthermore, in no circumstance is it acceptable that a president separates children from their families and gives encouragement to fascists, racists, misogynists and homophobes. This sort of behaviour is not something that should be normalised or accepted, and has no place in the sort of societies that largely exist throughout the world today. This kind of behaviour should not be endorsed and is something we should continue to challenge and question.

On a more personal note, I believe protests shouldn’t be about facing hatred with hatred but should instead be a way of demonstrating that cruelty, contempt and hate cannot possibly make any country great and that we can not stand silent whilst such atrocities take place over the pond.


It is easy to think what can one small voice do? But when all the small voices combine, you get situations like in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow where hundreds of thousands of people gather to show the world that we will not remain silent to Trump’s racism, misogyny and homophobia.


(Including the below placard just for the giggles)


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