A month on 35mm #5

The excitement of dropping off my film to be developed reached a new high this month. Having shot in some new places, some quite removed from city life, and having invested in a new film camera after my trusty Olympus broke beyond repair, I was beyond excited to see how they developed. Apart from the odd finger over the lens (when will I learn?) and some hazy lighting here and there, the majority came out well and I’m finding that I’m increasingly reaching for my film camera more and more.

Feeling hugely inspired by Lizzy Hadfield (in every sense- not just her fashion but by her film photography and general content which is beautifully curated and effortlessly styled), I’ve tried a slightly different layout this month so the pictures tell more of a story and are clearer. This month has been brilliant photography wise, partly due to the new second-hand camera (I am over the moon with it) but largely due to how blessed we have been with the Scottish weather. I doubted whether summer would come at all, but have thankfully been proven thoroughly wrong with so much glorious sunshine which has resulted in some dodgy back and feet tan lines. Yes, English rose over here.

Here are my highlights of the month shot on 35mm film. Would love to know what yours have been!

image1 (2)

image2 (1)





image3 (1)


10 thoughts on “A month on 35mm #5

    1. Thanks so much! It can be quite overwhelming can’t it? I popped into my local camera shop and they gave me some great tips – there’s also so much on YouTube that I’ve been trying to absorb and attempting to put into practice. I think it’s just little steps that make a huge difference!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! You definitely should – you can get them fairly cheaply off Ebay and it’s such a fun hobby. Would really recommend!


  1. I went to college for photography, and not much else in the world beats the excitement of getting film back. In some ways, when there are mistakes it almost forces you to get better, since film you don’t want to “waste” it. Keep up with it 🙂

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    1. It’s so exciting isn’t it? Really love it- I actually have another film almost ready to develop so am excited about sharing them soon!


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