July 1, 2019

Monthly Memo: Moving On

It’s Monday morning and as I type this, I have just two weeks left in my little rented flat in the middle of Edinburgh New Town. Despite the bustling surroundings, the local indie shops opening their doors and commuters strolling along the street, it’s completely silent in the flat minus the sound of Magic radio humming away in the kitchen. So much change has happened in the year and a half that I’ve lived here and when I look back on this time, the flat has been the centre of so many incredibly happy memories that I will take away and cherish for a lifetime.

When I moved to Edinburgh in what was a particularly freezing November back in 2017, the flat was a little sanctuary of warmth and calm in the chaos of moving countries, jobs and home in the space of one short weekend. Having a space to myself in such a central part of the city, indefinitely helped me with what was one of the hardest but best decisions I’ve made so far in my life. Leaving friends and my lovely family in Surrey was incredibly tough, knowing I wouldn’t be able to pop around for a cup of tea with my mum, cuddle up on the sofa and watch Winnie the Pooh with dad (it’s a family thing), go for a cheeky bevy with my brother or drop into my grandparents for a stroll around the garden with a steaming drink and handful of biscuits.

After two and a bit years of long distance, I decided to follow my heart and move to Scotland. I remember having so many worries and self-doubts, whether I’d made the right decision and whether I’d fit into my new job and new life up here. The first few weeks were such a blur looking back as I tried to carve out a fresh chapter up in Scotland. Being so central however, and moving into a space that really felt like a home away from home is something I’m so grateful for. With all the amenities I could need, it was easy to connect friends and family if I was having a bad day or curl up and read a book if I needed to escape for a bit.

From December 2017, I had a number of visitors – family, work friends, school friends, uni friends and more distant family relations come to stay. It was the base of many a Sojo night (Sophie and Jo) which featured long chats, vlogs and the occasional pizza from La Favorita.

As the months went on, I was able to invest more of myself into the flat – putting up pictures, prints and gradually moving my somewhat-out-of-control book selection up here. With a few furniture purchases too, the flat became something of a reflection of me and more and more of a home.

There of course have been sad moments in the flat – finding out difficult news from home and going through some rough patches but the highs have definitely outweighed those not so great periods. Making the flat all christmassy and hosting wine and cheese nights, meet-ups and rekindling old hobbies are just snippets of the many highlights that this flat has been a part of.

Getting engaged in the flat on a cold December’s morning right before Christmas is one of my most special memories here. I will never forget the excitement of that moment and the days that followed as we slowly broke the news to family and friends and started to piece together what will be one of the best days of our lives.

So leaving this characterful little flat will be hugely emotional in a couple of weeks’ time. I’ve loved my time here and I feel so lucky to have been able to live in such an incredible location with so much right on the doorstep. I’ve snapped so many pictures of the flat that I can look back on and of course the memories will stay with me for hopefully many years to come. As sad as I’ll be to say goodbye, I am simultaneously so excited to be moving into a new space that we can call our own and to be living with the person I love and starting the next chapter of our lives together.

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