A month on 35mm #5

The excitement of dropping off my film to be developed reached a new high this month. Having shot in some new places, some quite removed from city life, and having invested in a new film camera after my trusty Olympus broke beyond repair, I was beyond excited to see how they developed. Apart from the odd finger over the lens (when will I learn?) and some hazy lighting here and there, the majority came out well and I’m finding that I’m increasingly reaching for my film camera more and more.

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A (chatty) month on 35mm #4

Looking back on past posts, the last Month On Film series I did was back in April. Where has the time gone?! The last few months have passed by in an absolute whirlwind and the summer is already looking like it will be a fairly busy one. There are so many exciting things coming up, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe and a holiday to one of the Scottish isles.

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Twenty-Eighteen highlights on 35mm

Sharing some of my favourite shots from my film camera today – taken in black and white and in colour, and corresponding with some of my top memories and moments of twenty-eighteen so far.

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A month on 35mm #3

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite posts to write on Edits of Jo. I will never get over the excitement of getting film developed and seeing how my shots have turned out and that beautiful vintage, faded look to the photographs that is so reminiscent of my childhood. This post is actually a combination of both film and digital photos.

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A month on 35mm #2

Since moving up north in November, I’ve rekindled my love for a number of creative outlets, including film photography. I really love everything about working with film- the unpredictability, the vintage-faded look, the excitement of picking up your photographs from your local print shop. I’m currently on the hunt for a film lens, so the photographs below have been taken on a disposable camera.

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A month on 35mm #1

A slightly different format to my usual posts but have been playing with the idea of using photos as the center of a blog piece for a while. I turned the grand old age of twenty-four this week and was spoilt with so many lovely cards, messages and gifts. Here’s a snippet of the mantelpiece, hosting some new prints for the gorgeous Red Door Gallery and a collection of books that are all on my current to-read wish list.

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