Twenty-eighteen in a nutshell

Happy 2019! How is everyone doing? Hope you had a wonderful mince-pie-and-turkey-filled Christmas and a relaxing start to 2019. If Christmas isn’t your favourite time of the year, then I’m sending a big ol’ hug over to you.

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One Year On

Today marks the one year anniversary of my big move from a sleepy town in Surrey, England to the beautiful, bustling city of Edinburgh. It’s been without question, one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, uprooting myself from the town I grew up in, moving away from where the majority of my friends were living and starting a whole new life in a new country and city.

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Sunday Duvet Reading Series #2

I’m back! It’s been a while I know, but sometimes life just gets in a way, making it all together impossible to balance everything that’s going on. Looking back at my posts, my last Sunday Duvet Reading series was back in July (two ENTIRE months ago- how did this even happen?). Even though I am in complete denial that it is now October, I am hugely excited to crack the heating back on, snuggle up under a pile of blankets with a cup of tea, preferably English Breakfast, and get utterly lost in a good old book.

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The Sunday Duvet Reading Series #1

The Sunday Duvet Reading Series is something I love to read on other people’s blogs and newsletters (What Olivia Did, I’m looking particularly at you). The nature of social media means we consume a huge amount on content on a daily basis so when I find a topic or series that stands out to me, it hugely shapes and inspires the sort of content I would like to produce. Here’s hoping the first Sunday Duvet Series will be an interesting read for you!

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Let’s talk about books

When I first started EditsOfJo, I wrote quite a few book-related posts along with a number of book reviews (have a little read of Reasons to Stay Alive and Moondance). With an ever growing TBR (to-be-read) pile, I thought it would be a good time to restart the Book Edit, kicking off with my favourite reads of the year so far.

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Twenty-Eighteen highlights on 35mm

Sharing some of my favourite shots from my film camera today – taken in black and white and in colour, and corresponding with some of my top memories and moments of twenty-eighteen so far.

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The Big Move – Six months on

Six months ago today I made both an exciting and somewhat terrifying move from a sleepy little village in Surrey to the bustling city of Edinburgh. It was such an enormous change, moving out of my family home, moving to a different country and starting a whole new chapter of my life in a place far removed from where I was used to.

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