How to overcome burn-out

Waiting for the traffic lights - two streets with a pop-up shop in the middle serving the locals.

It’s hard to believe that I started Edits Of Jo five whole years ago, albeit under a different name (let’s not go there!) and an entirely different theme. Where has that time gone, eh? Over the last few years, my style has changed dramatically – from the content I write, my style of writing and how frequently I post.

How to stay safe when travelling alone

Landscape of Peebles Scotland

Booking your first, solo trip away is such an exciting prospect, whether that’s a backpacking adventure, a gap year or just a well-deserved break. It can also be a tad scary however, navigating your way around an unknown place, finding your feet in a different culture and being away from the comfort of your home. For me, staying safe was also something that heavily played on my mind the first time I traveled solo.